A Map of Mindcrack


So, not “The Sunday Night Sketchbook“, but it’s some art, and it’s mine! I finished The Map of Mindcrack last night, which is a picture that started off as a wee joke before developing into a piece I was actually really pleased with. I only wish I had realised earlier how much I was going to develop it so I could have drawn it at a much higher resolution and with more detail! Live and you learn, I guess.

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The Sunday Night Sketchbook 19/10/14

Oooooh shiiii, it’s back! The Sunday Night Sketchbook Ya’ll. I promised it, and she has returned! This is going to be a LOT of drawings going all the way to the end of June, so hold onta ya butts! Hopefully I can get back into more regularity with these, so enjoy this ultra long post while it lasts- enjoy!

Happy Independence day mothertruckers.

Happy Independence day mothertruckers.

My new scientific Series on the sun.

My new scientific Series on the sun.

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Short Story! A Boy in the Woods One Day

Hey folks! So, I’m working on a  secret(ish) project that involves a lot of script writing and story work, and I’m hoping I can talk a lot more about it at length very soon. However, I can show you this, which is a short story I’ve been working on that features the main character. I wrote this mainly as a kind of writing exercise and to see if I could create a kind of unhinged, crazy character and really make the reader feel  ‘inside’ his head. Writing it in first person did make me feel slightly disturbed however… Anyway! I didn’t want to push out the boat to far and let you guys kind of read between the lines at what really happened, but we’ll see how well that worked!

Now, as I’ve said before, my spelling and grammar suuuuuucks, so please excuse & call me about on it! But otherwise I hope you enjoy A Boy in the Woods One Day

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Sunday night Sketchbook 09-23/03/2014

Welcome backa to the sketchbook cracka! Yes yes yes I realise my Sunday night Sketchbooks have been a long time delayed even by MY standards, however there’s a plain and simple reason behind all this- I simply wasn’t drawing enough! I’ve been occupied with other pursuits and left the sketching to the wayside. For that reason, I decided to upload everything so far (which isn’t much!) into one big sketchbook for the middle of March. Either way, enjoy!

Editors note: I often have people ask me where The Sunday Night Sketchbook is, or how I can call it “Sunday Night” when more often than not it’s uploaded during the weekdays, however the answer is pretty simple- because I upload things when I want! These posts are a record for MYSELF, they aren’t intended as some magazine article that’s to be uploaded on a certain date with expected content for an audience- this is just a way for me to track where and when I’ve done drawings so that I can look back later. So in the future, if something doesn’t go up on Sunday, or Monday… or Tuesday, it’s probably not because I’ve forgotten, it’s more likely that I simply have better things to do!

Anyway, to the pictures!

My splash screen for the UHC 100 livestream I hosted. The stream was a failure, but the art wasn't!

My splash screen for the UHC 100 livestream I hosted. The stream was a failure, but the art wasn’t!

"Kapslock Gaming" What could this be? ;)

“Kapslock Gaming” What could this be? (;

Odd "I need to draw me twerking" On it.

Odd “I need to draw me twerking” On it.

Me irl

Me irl



Finally, these are the “Raasay mug” design I’m making for my sisters jewelry business on the island I’m from. Thought I’d post the development of ideas. Hopefully be adding them to the spreadshirt store soon!

Sunday Night Sketchbook 02/03/2014

Guys who’s back? Shady, that’s who! And he has a sketchbook full of (some) drawings! It’s been a  busy week of university work and drawing ART (away-from-tablet, see what I did there?) so maybe not as numerous a sketchbook, but finishing our UHC drawings from this seasons Mindcrack Ultrahardcore with a digital painting I’m pretty proud of! Either way, let’s begin- enjoy!


Dawn of the final Day“- A digital painting of BTC approaching Team Parkas’s tower in Ultrahardcore. My first attempt at digital painting too! I’m very proud of it. Based on nothing less than my favourite game.


What happens when people get frisky outside your flat? Threaten them with Youtube! What could go wrong?

Sunday Night Sketchbook- 8/12/2013

Some more drawings! A good week again, however next Sunday I will be home and without drawing tablet! So, I will be uploading what is probably a combination of sketches I did on real life paper and maybe some older drawings I’m particularly fond of. Either way, enjoy!

The new logo for Brits n Butts! Go follow them if you haven't yet.

The new logo for Brits n Butts! Go follow them if you haven’t yet. It’s quite small…

And a donate button!

And a donate button! With a butt.


nice dog yo

Oddmast wants the dragons to pay more attention in Skyrim

The present is disappointment.

The present is disappointment.

So hot

A sexy new profile picture for a sexy twitter guy

And an even BETTER one for meatballex

And an even BETTER one for meatballex!

such snow

And the new holiday header for my site! Now using reused assets!








The Post-Apocalyptic (literary) Survival Guide

The combination of a recent buzz around the (now confirmed fake) ‘Survivor 2299’ website that was purported to be a teaser for Fallout 4, as well as my own new Fallout: New Vegas video series has made me realise my love for post apocalyptic fiction and settings all over again. If it came to nailing down a favourite literary genre, post-apocalypse rules the roost for me. The gritty survivalist and the under current of real fear for an end to society as we know it fascinates me and combined with the 50’s and 60’s technological optimism and concurrent, constant threat of nuclear inhalation is what drew me into the Fallout series of game so much. Apocalypse fiction often gets criticised as cliched, but I think that’s coming more out of the over saturation of ‘Zombie Culture’ that has been exponentially growing for the past few years (on a related note, I’ve left out World War Z from this as I think ‘zombies’ are pretty much a genre of their own at this point). The kind of apocalyptic setting I like the most usually harks back to the 1950’s- from things like the cosy catastrophes of Day of the Triffids to darker, bleaker works like The Road, A Boy and His Dog or The Earth Abides. The Zeitgeist of Nuclear war and global annihilation of the Cold War has always been a big draw for me creatively, and also fascinates me on a historical level.

Because of this, I thought I’d write up a list of what I think it some essential reading, watching and playing when it comes to post-apocalyptic literature. I’ll touch on my favorites as well as some that are essentially cornerstones at the foundation post apocalyptic fiction, and I’ll hopefully cover movies and finally video games later (and possibly in more detail). Either way, here we go!

1- There Will come soft Rains (1950)- Ray Bradbury

You MAY recognise this if you played Fallout 3...

A short story that is based on one of my favourite poems of all time, There Will Come Soft Rains by Sara Tisdale. A very short story originally published in a magazine, it tells the story of a robot still carrying out its duties in a house that has been almost destroyed by nuclear way, to a family long since dead. Really thoughtful and touching book, and the reading of the poem is particularly fantastic. Must read if you have 15 minutes to yourself.

2- Earth Abides (1949) – George R. Stewart


A true cornerstone of apocalyptic fiction (man, get used to reading those words!) that tells the story of a world almost wiped out by plague. The story covers an epic timeline and charts the rise of new cultures in a devastated world and is heart breaking in a personal level. Fallowing the main character and watching a new society rise up around him is told so incredibly, it’ll leave you wanting more. Brilliant book and very ahead of its time.

3- The Road (2006) – Cormac McCarthy


Brutal, terrifying and not for the faint of heart, The Road is an incredible story of survival in a world and humanity during its dying breaths but it’s heavy, bleak and very depressing. This however, only makes the small uplifting moments that much more wonderful. It was faithfully adapted into a movie 2009 and is a recommended watch, however the book is still leagues ahead. Also contains what is, without a doubt, one of the most terrifying passages in any book ever (spoilers! Don’t read that article until you read The Road!).

4- A Canticle for Leibowitz (1960) – Walter M. Millar

Miller 1959 - A Canticle for Leibowitz

Remember how I said Earth Abides was epic in scale? Yeah, compared to A Canticle for Leibowitz, Abides takes place in the blink of an eye. Taking place over the course of thousands of years, it charts the story of a group of monks protecting what knowledge remains of a world devastated by nuclear war and watching as the new civilisations begin to repeat the same mistakes again. I fully admit right now, I have never read Canticle– I have always had it on my list but never fully gotten around to it. That said, it is safe to say it is an essential read to anyone wanting to immerse themselves in both apocalyptic and science fiction literature.

5- The Stand (1978) (1990 complete & uncut edition) – Stephen King


Everyone should read at least one Stephen King book, and if you do, let it be… 11/22/63 but if you read TWO then definitely read The Stand, one of King’s most famous (and longest) works. The Stand charts the odyssey of several characters as they survive in a world devoid of all but 0.1% of all human beings. In true King fashion though, dark powers are at work and a battle of good an evil soon begins to surface. An epic book in size and depth, King’s story is beautifully written and contains some of the best written characters in any of his work. While I think the story past a certain point leaves a lot to be desired, the initial depictions of the plague and helpless downfall of society is honestly terrifying. While it’s always been true that King is a better writer of characters than plots,  The Stand will still have you hooked by page five and leave an incredible impact on you.

6- A Boy and His Dog (1969)-  Harlan Ellison


Funny, dark, twisted and bizarre, A Boy and His Dog is one of my favourite books in the genre as it inspired so much after it (more on that when we get to Games). The story of a Boy, Vic and his telepathic dog, Blood, it charts his story across a brutal wasteland as they struggle to survive and, in the boys case, have sex by any means necessary. The books are controversial to say the least, but the brutal nature of the characters and their horrible, savage qualities make for some of the most believable characters in a post-apocalyptic fiction I’ve ever read.

Well, that’s my essentials. I know I missed out a tonne, but I want to keep is just slightly concise. Have you got an favourites? Have I missed an out? Tell me in the comments or send me some recommendations! Next time- movies!