(A very small) Sunday Night Sketchbook 30/03/14

Hellllooooo ladies and gentlemen! Sunday Night Sketchbook! However, as usual, I’ve been doing a lot of off-page drawings and I figure I wont try and badly photograph them and stick up here (however you might see some photos of them (and other stuff) at my instagram page!) until they’re something more substantial.  However! Until then- he’s ONE drawing! Pitiful I know, but I am pretty proud of it. I’ve been trying to better draw body shapes, however I was having trouble drawing a head of any kind, until I saw someone post on tumblr “Can someone draw kurtjmac as a girl” or something. So I figured, hey! I’ll just stick a box and her head and call it done. It just so happens Kurtjmac has the head of the 10th Doctor, so it might grab dome DW fans as well! I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.



Next task- learn how to draw feet!


So one of my favourite YouTubers KurtJMac celebrated the “Flobathon” this weekend, a mammoth 12 hour livestream celebrating the end of the forth season of Far Lands or Bust, as he continued to walk through the world of minecraft toward the Farlands in the name of charity. You can still donate over at Farlands or Bust, and you can of course find his videos on his YouTube channel. I’ve been subscribed to Kurt since about episode 5 or 6 of his Minecraft LP (just before he started his adventure to the farlands) and it was his series that introduced me to Mindcrack and inspired me to start making videos. Since then, he’s raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and has been featured in a  multitude of news and magazine articles. So for all those reasons and more, go Kurt! However the main point to all this was to show off some awesome artwork a buddy of mine Sebs did, depicting a bunch of us who were hanging out in IRC watching the Flobathon and eating pizza like a bunch of collective badasses. I can now tick off “Featured in Seb’s art” from my bucketlist. Find more great artwork here!

Life made