(A very small) Sunday Night Sketchbook 30/03/14

Hellllooooo ladies and gentlemen! Sunday Night Sketchbook! However, as usual, I’ve been doing a lot of off-page drawings and I figure I wont try and badly photograph them and stick up here (however you might see some photos of them (and other stuff) at my instagram page!) until they’re something more substantial.  However! Until then- he’s ONE drawing! Pitiful I know, but I am pretty proud of it. I’ve been trying to better draw body shapes, however I was having trouble drawing a head of any kind, until I saw someone post on tumblr “Can someone draw kurtjmac as a girl” or something. So I figured, hey! I’ll just stick a box and her head and call it done. It just so happens Kurtjmac has the head of the 10th Doctor, so it might grab dome DW fans as well! I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.



Next task- learn how to draw feet!

Sunday Night Sketchbook- 8/12/2013

Some more drawings! A good week again, however next Sunday I will be home and without drawing tablet! So, I will be uploading what is probably a combination of sketches I did on real life paper and maybe some older drawings I’m particularly fond of. Either way, enjoy!

The new logo for Brits n Butts! Go follow them if you haven't yet.

The new logo for Brits n Butts! Go follow them if you haven’t yet. It’s quite small…

And a donate button!

And a donate button! With a butt.


nice dog yo

Oddmast wants the dragons to pay more attention in Skyrim

The present is disappointment.

The present is disappointment.

So hot

A sexy new profile picture for a sexy twitter guy

And an even BETTER one for meatballex

And an even BETTER one for meatballex!

such snow

And the new holiday header for my site! Now using reused assets!