A Map of Mindcrack


So, not “The Sunday Night Sketchbook“, but it’s some art, and it’s mine! I finished The Map of Mindcrack last night, which is a picture that started off as a wee joke before developing into a piece I was actually really pleased with. I only wish I had realised earlier how much I was going to develop it so I could have drawn it at a much higher resolution and with more detail! Live and you learn, I guess.

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NickjGraves? More like NickJaGoodGuy!

So the last time someone drew some artwork that featured lil’ ol me I of course posted it here because I was so gosh darn excited and privileged that someone had taken them out of their day to draw something for me. So you can imagine my excitement when today one of my favourite artists not only gave me a shout out but also a beautiful depiction of my 10/10 movie star face.

It truly is beauty and the beastly handsome (also me).

It truly is beauty and the beast-ly handsome (also me).


If you follow the link to his post, you can also see the amazing depictions he did of his favourite arty pals. I’m not exaggerating when I say Nick is one of my favourite artists around. His stuff is vibrant and unique, and he pumps out so much consistently good artwork that it’s a regular delight to see a new piece of his pop up on my twitter or tumblr feed. Thankfully, he’s not gone unnoticed as he’s celebrating a fantastic 600 followers over on his tumblr art blog (still not enough though- go follow him! Now!) and I hope his next milestone arrives as soon as possible. His idea to highlight other artists (I don’t think I really count but I’ll take the label “Proficient doodler”) was inspired by my 300 follower post, and it reminded me I really should refresh you guys with some of my favourite arty types and all round cool folks here, in case anyone missed them the first time…

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The Sunday Night Sketchbook 19/10/14

Oooooh shiiii, it’s back! The Sunday Night Sketchbook Ya’ll. I promised it, and she has returned! This is going to be a LOT of drawings going all the way to the end of June, so hold onta ya butts! Hopefully I can get back into more regularity with these, so enjoy this ultra long post while it lasts- enjoy!

Happy Independence day mothertruckers.

Happy Independence day mothertruckers.

My new scientific Series on the sun.

My new scientific Series on the sun.

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“Some Shenanigans of Thrones”

Light A Game of Thrones Spoilers ahead!


So I’ve started a a digital piece that’s probably my most ambitious and largest artwork yet. Drawn on 630x890mm canvas, I hope to include as many of the Game of Thrones characters, locations and references as possible. I’m pretty pleased with the progress so far, but I still have a while to go with it. This is probably about 3/4 hours of work so far.


Robert Baratheon is my favourite.

‘ol fatty Robert Baratheon is my favourite.

I’m trying to put as much detail into the castles and locations as possible, and stuff it with injokes and references from the books (without spoiling too much)


King’s Landing. Complete with Fleabottom and the start of Stannis’s attack on the walls!

That tower is basically just the journey of bran stark. Plus Maester Luwin's sleeves with flying scrolls!

That tower is basically just the journey of bran stark. Plus Maester Luwin’s sleeves with flying scrolls!

Either way, I still have a loooooong way to go. However, once I finish it’s going to my my favourite piece by far. I’ll update you guys as I go!

Lucky I don't have to worry about ink this time.

Lucky I don’t have to worry about ink this time.