Digital Artwork


WMC cast Wallpaper

An example of some promotion Material made for a livestream event.




“A Map of Mindcrack” A commission for a “Community Map” of a fan forum.



“Poland Ball Comics” Historical Comics featuring countries as stylized characters

An example of some of my animation and gif work.

UHC- the Nebris and Beef showdown!


When someone asks me to draw them I (sometimes) DO!

Drawing of a friend

Journeys, not destinations! My artwork as part of Kurts Birthday Celebrations!

“Journeys, not destinations!”¬†Artwork as part of a youtube Channel design


Similar Artwork commissions for youtube channel banners.


"The Lucky Potato Food Truck has seen better days..." My new work required a hell of a lot of colouring but I was pretty pleased with it!

“The Lucky Potato Food Truck has seen better days…”


Artwork based on last year’s episodes of the TV Show Game of Thrones


Robert Baratheon is my favourite.

More Game of Thrones Artwork- “A Shenanigans of Thrones”.


Ghost Rider



Commission for a friend as him featured in the videogame “Legend of Zelda: Windwaker”