What the…?

Okay, let me explain. I follow a series of gaming ‘Let’s Players‘, who under the name ‘Mindcrack‘, get together and play a variety of games  and upload them to Youtube. In the course of this, they often create some hilarious escapades and stories that leave me and many others in stitches. Seeing an opportunity, I took several of these and animated them into a low-tech slide show format that I termed ‘Crappy Animations’. Against all odds, people somehow dug them! Understand?


Well, whatever. I probably wouldn’t either. Either way, you’ll find them all below.

UHC S9 – We Win! :: Crappy Animation 

Did Vintagebeef teach KurtJMac how to walk? :: Crappy Animation

“A Guude Poopin” :: Crappy Animation 

How Vintagebeef taught PauseunPause how to Rage :: Crappy Animation 

How Vintagebeef Taught MCGamer to Love Lapis :: Crappy Animation 

UHC S4 – The Showdown! :: Crappy Animation 


UHC: the Showdown Developer Commentary!

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