Who? What? huh?

My name is Calum, I’m a student from a tiny wee island in Scotland, and I’m pretty bad at spelling. I do a lot of stuff online under the name “Litzippo”, which is a bit of a pen name I use and hopefully not too closely related to the lighter company that it might get me sued. I started out making some dumb videos on Youtube as part of a project for college in 2012, and it soon  evolved into a full blown hobby that’s accumulated me some 1000-odd subscribers 300,000-odd views!

Last year I started this blog, “The Zipposphere” as a place to collect the artwork I tend to do a lot of (you can also find a lot of it on my tumblr page, and the more hand drawn stuff on my instagram account). Of course this place then evolved into a full blown blog where I post everything from reviews, short stories and long history posts about stuff I find interesting.

For the moment, this is the one stop shop for all things me, you should be able to find links to all the stuff I do somewhere on this site, from polandball comics to my twitter accounts and opinions on Scottish independence. In the future, I’m thinking of moving my history writing to somewhere more permanent and readable, but that’s still just plans in a notebook.


Any more questions? email me at litzippo at gmail, otherwise twitter is always good. I’m also litzippo on skype, if that helps.

I don’t really ever take commissions (because I’m not that great at art) HOWEVER, if you want to use my artwork, please tell me first and ask permission, some stuff I’ve drawn for other people is for their use only! But usually it’s fine, just so I can know/support/shout out to the cool folks using my stuff!

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