Fidgety Cubes

I reviewed the Fidget Cube! This cool wee little box of buttons and switches reached a ridiculous number of donations in its Kickstarter campaign and has spawned a huge number of cheap knock offs and immiations. I found and pledged support to the cube back in November, and now I have my hands on the real McCoy! After I backed the project last year (backer number 82,832) I got to confirm my choice of cube style (Graphite and Retro styled) in December, and yesterday I got an email saying they had shipped and would arrived Thursday or Friday and what do you know- they arrived in the post today!

These wee cubes are really solidly built. The overall presentation is good, it has nice neat carrying bag to go with it and after a bit of stress testing, I can’t find any potential problem points with them (so far). In the video I mention how I’d prefer something a bit more tactile and interactive on the smooth side (pictured below), however, after using it I think it’s actually becoming one of my favourite features!


Anyway check out the video, and consider picking one up if it’s something you think you’d enjoy. It’s worth noting that while there is a tonne of imitations out there, this is a great project that is worth buying from the inventors. You can pre-order on the Antsy Labs website and I don’t think anywhere else, so accept no imitations!