Over the years I’ve made a lot of stuff online in lots of different places. From abandoned blogs to defunct YouTube channels, incomplete web pages, half-finished projects, the odd flickr account I’ve lost my password for (up to five now). However, there are some things online I have stuck with and I have continued to update and remember how to log into. But they’re spread far and wide all over the internet and it would take even me weeks to figure out where everything is. Well, fear not, for I have condensed everything into yet another blog!

Seriously I must own 80% of calum-related domains at this point.

Seriously I must own 80% of calum-related domains at this point.

Yes, you can now pop over to CalumGillies.tumblr.com and see a nicely presented run-down of all my websites and projects with a wee description about each of them. I’ve got my old YouTube Channels, this lovely blog right here, my new Art Store, Facebook Page and the RaasayHistory website I’ve started (I’ll maybe do a blog post about that sometimes down the line).

Anyway, hopefully that’ll be more helpful in letting people know all the different things I do all over the place! Probably not though. I know I’m pretty lost.

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