Project: The Cut

I’m back! Phew, what a delay, eh? Last time I posted was those rushed few days before I had to hand in my university project and pray that I could at least get to the summer without stress-related madness. And I did! Passed, in fact. Got a degree, in fact! Keep forgetting about that.

I’ve been up to a lot that I really need to update this place on, from artwork and videos and my new bloomin’ van (more on that in the future though), but for now?  Haircuts! I resent to you The Cut

More info about the production/shooting/extras after the cut!

So a hairdresser on Skye found out I had a camera and asked me to film him cutting a clients hair- honestly it wasn’t something I’d ever really done, live filming or setting up cameras or shots so it was slightly daunting. Somehow, though, I pulled it off! It was a three camera setup- my GoPro Hero 3+ from the front, a borrowed Hero 3 from behind and a regular GoPro Hero from above!

It's like inception. But like with Cameras.

It’s like inception. But like with Cameras.

As you can see, the hero above was the difficult setup. Attached to the light fitting with a gorrilapod (luckily also featuring a spirit level!), and sandwiched between the Camera and the tripod was a gloried egg timer, a clockwork time-lapse ticker that slowly rotated 360 degrees over the course of an hour. It was a real experimental feature but it worked amazingly well. The only problem was having to reset it after it’s hour meaning there wasn’t a consistent time-lapse but when it was cut into the regular video it worked perfectly.

The biggest problem as you can probably see however is that a lot of the footage looks very… bleurgh. Slightly gainy, washed out and quite low definition. Honestly I have no idea what the problem was, I assumed it was lighting but it could have been a problem in the settings- the Hero 3 was set up to take video and photos (an amazingly usefully feature) and whether that affected it I dont know. I need to work more on getting the setting correct on the GoPros so I can get the best quality footage out of them.

In the editing suite I had some problems keeping track of the streams and making sure everything was in time (three different streams all starting at different times leads to some annoying searching for timestamps), but otherwise it was relatively smooth once I got into that editing groove. The best thing I learned was the garbage matte, which is what made the “mirror change” into a crappy cut/crop into a smoother transition (it’s still not perfect I know but it achieved the right effect).

Overall however, very pleased! Gary (the hairdresser) loved it and it’s given me a lot of knowledge for shooting and producing projects in the future- next stop outside filming! I’m hoping my next project involves a bit more history and even more fancy editing and shooting techniques. Watch this space!


2 thoughts on “Project: The Cut

  1. Hey man,

    Well done by the way on the Reddit story!
    Love how you built up the research before you posted, via Wiki etc.
    Awesome work!

    I’ve stayed over in the far West part of the highlands.. even took the little boat to Balamory (think it’s called Tobermory in real life)
    And asked my friends from the area if they knew what the people were like on these surrounding remote islands.. So I was suckered into your story straight away!

    Anyway, keep doing what you do and good luck with everything! ;)


    • Thank you pete! One of the problems I’ve had is that my fictional island is far more developed than any of the characters or the story! If I could just write the fictional history of this island I’d be sorted! Glad you’re enjoying it though :)

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