Sunday Night Sketchbook- Best of 2014

Hey peeps! Thought I would do a wee post details the favourite artworks over the past year, just so I can show off again  show you guys some of my progress through the year and the (in my opion) best pieces to come out of that ol’ drawing pad attached to my internet machine. Either way, enjoy!


"When I grow up, I want to be  a superintendent or a caterpillar"- Ralph Wiggum. You go, Ralph.


Oh my god it's a VELOCIRADTER! Part of my "What should I draw?" Suggested by Dave. Buy it on a T-shirt here!

"The great herds of cantaloupe grazed upon the grasses of the African plains, only to have their weaker members consumed by lions". Fun fact: This is the cover art for Toto-Africa

"Chicken is the Sweetest Thing", based on the season premier of Game of Thrones Season 4! (Don't worry, it's not a spoiler)

superhostile black-white-pig-gif

"The Lucky Potato Food Truck has seen better days..." My new work required a hell of a lot of colouring but I was pretty pleased with it!

GuacaZippo! A little thumbnail art of my roboty character for my new Guacamelee series!

Journeys, not destinations! My artwork as part of Kurts Birthday Celebrations!

"Kurt's Journey, the second part of my journey series for Kurts birthday. You can buy it (and other stuff!) here

Bloody illegal aliens.



WMC cast Wallpaper

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