A Map of Mindcrack


So, not “The Sunday Night Sketchbook“, but it’s some art, and it’s mine! I finished The Map of Mindcrack last night, which is a picture that started off as a wee joke before developing into a piece I was actually really pleased with. I only wish I had realised earlier how much I was going to develop it so I could have drawn it at a much higher resolution and with more detail! Live and you learn, I guess.

I got the idea from the “Map of the Internet” that was probably most famously done by the Webcomic XKCD, the difference in this case being that it was all about the various communities, forums and in-jokes based around the Mindcrack group. The shape and features of the island however are inspired by a TV Series I just finished called Avatar: The Last Airbender. Now, I’m going to do a much lengthier post in the future all about how much this decade old kids show surprised me in how much I adored every moment of it, but long story short I was trawling the internet after finishing the last episode looking for cool wallpapers and pieces of artwork of the show when I stumbled across this:

Avatar Map without Markings Text

The link to the full resolution is here (and it’s BIG), and if you’re as much of a fan of the series (or maps for that matter!) as I am, you’ll be blown away by the detail and depth in the picture. I also loved the artistic style, so when I thought of making the “Map of Mindcrack”, it was the first thought in my mind. I used it as a reference for the volcanic islands, and basically used it as a rough guide from then on. I’m definitely going to return to the style in the future! Most of you probably won’t understand all the references, bu you can find below an annotated map with all the markings below.


Also the Latin makes no sense, I know.


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