Sunday Night Sketchbook 29/6/14

I’m back!

Hey everyone, this guys on his computer again! These last two months have been bloody fantastic, not least for all the traveling, fun times, marathons, boating, fishing, working, hiking, drinking and general healthy buffoonery I’ve been getting done, but for the fact that it’s given me plenty of time away from the computer and internet to be doodling and drawing in the ol’ sketchbook. Now, this does come with some downsides- more noticeably┬áthe fact I have not updated you guys in stuff for weeks! But that changes today! Here’s my collection of drawings from the past few weeks, and rest assured, this is the start of my return! I’ve been planning some blog posts about my travels and what I’ve been up to all this time, as well as some long overdue Youtube series! Anyway, I’m planning a blog update with all my summer plans both so far and in the future but until then- drawings! Enjoy!

Sometimes the beauty of my creations astound me.

Sometimes the beauty of my creations astound me.

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