Sunday night Sketchbook 09-23/03/2014

Welcome backa to the sketchbook cracka! Yes yes yes I realise my Sunday night Sketchbooks have been a long time delayed even by MY standards, however there’s a plain and simple reason behind all this- I simply wasn’t drawing enough! I’ve been occupied with other pursuits and left the sketching to the wayside. For that reason, I decided to upload everything so far (which isn’t much!) into one big sketchbook for the middle of March. Either way, enjoy!

Editors note: I often have people ask me where The Sunday Night Sketchbook is, or how I can call it “Sunday Night” when more often than not it’s uploaded during the weekdays, however the answer is pretty simple- because I upload things when I want! These posts are a record for MYSELF, they aren’t intended as some magazine article that’s to be uploaded on a certain date with expected content for an audience- this is just a way for me to track where and when I’ve done drawings so that I can look back later. So in the future, if something doesn’t go up on Sunday, or Monday… or Tuesday, it’s probably not because I’ve forgotten, it’s more likely that I simply have better things to do!

Anyway, to the pictures!

My splash screen for the UHC 100 livestream I hosted. The stream was a failure, but the art wasn't!

My splash screen for the UHC 100 livestream I hosted. The stream was a failure, but the art wasn’t!

"Kapslock Gaming" What could this be? ;)

“Kapslock Gaming” What could this be? (;

Odd "I need to draw me twerking" On it.

Odd “I need to draw me twerking” On it.

Me irl

Me irl



Finally, these are the “Raasay mug” design I’m making for my sisters jewelry business on the island I’m from. Thought I’d post the development of ideas. Hopefully be adding them to the spreadshirt store soon!

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