Scott Waker- my new favourite drawing!


So I drew this for GreatScottLP, a streamer and pretty rad guy. It was his birthday last week, so I spend a few hours drawing Scott’s character on an adventure in the famous boat from his favourite game, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. For me, it went from being a quick doodle to one of my best works I’ve done digitally! This picture is of course based on this, one of Wind Waker‘s most famous posters.  I’ve never played an Nintendo games (I know, I know- my secret shame!) but Wind Waker always appealed to me for its gameplay, setting and especially striking art style.

Using the picture as a template, I traced it over in Photoshop, before colouring it closely enough so that it was recognisable but not simply a ‘copy and paste’ of the original. I  also decided to take out the island for this same reason, as I felt it would feel like to much of a ‘reskin’ if I did. I was originally going to go with a clear blue sky, but the sunset gradients worked much better than I thought, so I decided to add in the stars and clouds. I love drawing clouds, but I had always failed to make them look appealing digitally, however I think this is my first step to success with it in the future. I did want to add in the evil moon from Majoras Mask as a little reference, but I felt it would look too cluttered so I ditched it. Overall, from concept to uploading it took me about 2 and half hours to make.

My favourite part is the boat head, which I changed to a dragon with sunglasses and moustache because he’s a damn cool mother trucker. Also  notice the sail? I changed the tribal symbol to a stylised GS, which I felt look better and more subtle than writing ‘Great Scott’ Somewhere.  His character is based on Sixelonas profile picture she made for him.

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