Where you been (all my life)?

Look, it’s time we broke up, blog. It’s not you… it- it’s me. I just can’t go on like this. I’m cheating on you with a sexy Squarespace blog.

Nah I’m kidding, couldn’t leave you WordPress. I’ll give you another chance. I really, really gotta be updating this more but I’ve got so many different various internet threads running in different directions now it’s hard to maintain it all! I need some kind of internet weaving loom, if we’re keeping with the very poor internet thread analogy. At the moment I have-

My Instagram

My Twitter

My New Art Facebook Page (more on that later!)

The Isle of Raasay Facebook Page I run and produce.

Behind the scenes stuff (more on that… soon? I hope!)

Basically, I’m trying to juggle loads of different ideas and intrests, and I struggle to maintain I consistent presence here, which sucks because this blog has always been my baby. My weird, bizarre, inconsistent internet baby. But babe nonetheless! I still hope this place will act as a “hub” in the future that people can use to find all my work spread over all the various islands, enclaves and pirate-like coves of the World Wide Web. So what’s new? Lots of stuff!

I Have a New Website

No, you can’t see it yet. I’ve gone and bought myself a hosted domain running WordPress that I’m setting up as both a portfolio website and possibly a production company. It’s going to be slow, I’m going to take my time with it, but I want it to be a one-stop shop of all video and photography work I do, such as my hairdressing video and 3D video projects (more on that later!)

I Have an Art Page

Remember I used to post artwork here?! God those were the days eh? Well, I may still post the odd DSC_0042digital artwork here, but the majority of any pen and ink/drawn work I’m putting on my new facebook page. It’s been quiet for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve been busy with other stuff (more on that late- ok I’ll stop saying that). Keep an eye on that though for work in the future!



I’m Still Trying to Write a Book

Remember when I got pretty mildly famous for this for like 10 minutes? Well I’m still developing it. Reddit has been clamoring at my skull for an update, but I think that version of the story is dead, I’m afraid. It was only ever meant to be a test to see how people recieved my writing and the general idea. Also in a funny side note, I had people writing and complaining that I was incredibly arrogant because they read the last post I made about the story on here and thought I was being 100% serious-

Guess what I’m a famous writer now. Forget the bloody art, videos, games, vans, history blogs, podcasts, Let’s plays, notebooks in fact just FORGET IT ALL: I’m now legitimately Stephen bloody King. What’s more amazing is how I’m so humble and modest and also a genius.

Seriously. Clearly people don’t get sarcasm over text. Or maybe it’s just me. Either way, I got sort of burned out on that iteration of the story (ie. writing myself into a corner) but, I’m moving forward with the bigger, better version. It’s going to have islands, we got dog killing, it’s sexy it’s new and it is HOT. But that’s for another time. Seriously though if you’re reading this and enjoyed the story and want more, this is for the best. I love you so much for enjoy and wanting more of my story, but you’ll want it at its best, trust me.

I got a 3D Camera!

And boy, is it awesome. I got this beautiful little Ricoh Theta S a week or so ago and it’s honestly changing my approach to photography entirely. I bought it as a tentative plan involving the aforementioned production company to create 3D views and videos of various places on Raasay- castles, at-risk structures, unseen views etc. For example, here’s a full 360 view from the top of Dun Caan.

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I’m Playing Minecraft Again! 

And boy is it fun.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.20.00

Secret Gardens?

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.20.54

Sexy castles? Oh I’m back.

Tales from the H(ebrides)ood

Drawing islands #notebooks #sketchbookproject #drawing

A photo posted by Calum (@litzippo) on

Guess what I’m a famous writer now. Forget the bloody art, videos, games, vans, history blogs, podcasts, Let’s plays, notebooks in fact just FORGET IT ALL: I’m now legitimately Stephen bloody King. What’s more amazing is how I’m so humble and modest and also a genius.

Nah, but seriously I’ve written stories in the past, some of which have made it here. I always fancied writing a full-blown book, and I’ve been writing this plan/concept for a horror story set on a fictional Scottish Island. I’ve talked in the past how one of my favourite games in recent years was Dear Esther, and in a similar vein how books such as The Wasp Factory and films like the original Wicker Man have been making me want to write and create the history of a fictional island that I can explore and develop through an actual short story or novel. I’ve been sitting on concepts for a while, and I’ve written histories and locations, diary entries and fake Wikipedia pages all about the place. All that was left was to try and form a  story around it.

And so we come to the Post I made in reddit’s NoSleep community. It’s a subreddit where people post creepy stories and possible “Supernatural” goings on. All stories are (often obviously) works of fiction but the conceit of the subreddit is that all stories must be taken at face value. It makes for a fun role play experience when comments posit theories and ideas and the poster/writer can respond “in character”. I had this idea to post my story in the form of a journal, found on a flash drive, and recounting the bizarre experiences on the island. What amazed me though is the incredible reaction I got towards it- people loved it! Somehow, through my awful spelling and grammar people picked up the thread of the story and it’s been read thousands of times! Last night I posted a part 2 which was similarly well received. Is it the perfect version of the story? Definitely not, my intention has always been to do it as a third/first person story told periodically with diary entries, but as a test to see how people enjoy the concept, it’s been really awesome. I’ve never been very confident in my writing so to see such a  great reaction has been a bit of a shock.

In the future, I hope to turn this into a full-blown novel, but for now you can follow the story at nosleep, or carry on below to find part 1 & 2 together (hopefully with some corrected formatting and spelling).


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Fixin’ a van

Have I told you guys I got a sweet new van?! Well, I say new… for about 3 months now I’ve been in possession of my childhood dream vehicle. It’s called Bamse, and oh man is it awesome.




This is Bamse, my bloody wonderful adventuremobile. It’s a 1988 Suzuki Super Carry, a ‘microbus’ more commonly found and popularised in Asia. It’s an absolutely minuscule little 970cc van that I’ve been obsessed with since I was a wee boy. Also yes it;’s the van Richard Hammond flipped over in that van challenge on Top Gear.

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Project: The Cut

I’m back! Phew, what a delay, eh? Last time I posted was those rushed few days before I had to hand in my university project and pray that I could at least get to the summer without stress-related madness. And I did! Passed, in fact. Got a degree, in fact! Keep forgetting about that.

I’ve been up to a lot that I really need to update this place on, from artwork and videos and my new bloomin’ van (more on that in the future though), but for now?  Haircuts! I resent to you The Cut

More info about the production/shooting/extras after the cut!

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14 Common Phrases and their Nautical Origins

In case you guys missed it, I started a new channel! It’s all bout history videos and the like, and this week is 14 common phrases and their nautical origins, all in time for the anniversary of a first in American Naval history! The video is below, as is the full script and lovely links to all the sources! Enjoy!

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A New Channel and A New Series!

Well it’s been a long time coming, but here finally is the first episode of my new History Series! I’ve been busy adapting not only some of my older history articles, but some brand new content that I hope to release on a new channel that I’ve set up specifically for history videos, documentary shorts and other video-essay style content.  Seanachas is still pretty basic until I finish my artwork, headers and consistent thumbnails, but it’s a start! You can see my first video- The First Smoking Ban in History below!

For this the pilot I figured I would try to adapt an existing article I had already written, namely Pope Urban VII: The Shortest Smoking Ban in History as I felt the content and was pretty strong and would make a good 5-7 minute video. You can definitely expect ‘original’ content not featured on the site in the future, but certainly the next episodes will be based on another in my history series that I’ve previously written. This episode was made on a shorter timescale and with more limited resources (namely my laptop tablet rather than PC & Drawing tablet) so I’m hoping future videos will feature a lot more original drawings and content, but I still think it worked out pretty damn well!

Why Seanachas? Well I was playing around with possible channel names for months for something good that covered everything I wanted to do, but the problem was that I didn’t want to limit my channel to just history videos- I hope to feature everything from essays and videos on games, movies, books and other things that interest me, so I needed something that didn’t conform to just history. I picked Seanachas because 1. it’s a Gaelic word for someone who pretty much talks a lot, and 2. I like the sound of it, which is pretty neat.

Now, in the past I’ve mentioned a podcast, rather than videos or content specifically written for a video format, and that is coming! Basically, I have two plans- a podcast series that runs anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, and these short, fast paced videos that are much lighter on in-depth content in more ‘trivia’ based. When the podcast will be ready… I can’t say. It takes much longer to script and record, but I think I’ll judge it based on the reception of these videos first. Either way, I hope you enjoy the video and please, let me know what you think!


Sunday Night Sketchbook 15/03/15

Now, you probably don’t remember this, but many, many centuries ago in the mists of time… I used to post art to this blog! Yes, yes hold your gasps, it’s not always been just weird rants on punctuation, games and British TV series, no I used to actually draw stuff, then post it here. In fact it was the purpose of this blog! Okay okay I’ll stop./ Sorry for the delay, I was meaning to post this when I finally drew some stuff that was actually uuuh… worthwhile and I forgot! But hold onta ya butts, here comes a Sunday Night Sketchbook that’ll blow the peach fuzz off your lips! Here we go!

When I watch a Millbee Stream and I'm on Acid like

When I watch a Millbee Stream and I’m on Acid like

SonmicaLP, chasing Dibzcraft down some stairs with a rose. I hope this can explain it

SonmicaLP, chasing Dibzcraft down some stairs with a rose. I hope this can explain it

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